Transforming Literacy Learning with Data-Driven Instruction

Steven Guttentag, CEO of Reading Plus, was guest author of this article published by EdTech Digest.

Article Excerpt:
Data can tell us a lot about ourselves and those around us. From personal biometrics showing us how our sleep patterns change over time, to our shopping habits predicting what items we’re likely to add to our cart, data is everywhere. And education is no exception. Given the reliance on technology in all facets of 21st-century life, it’s no wonder there is an ever-growing number of edtech programs available to teachers in both the K-12 and higher education settings. The best new technologies use data to transform the way educators teach and how students learn – this is especially true when it comes to literacy instruction.

Whether school is happening remotely, in-person or a hybrid of the two, data-driven instruction is the key to providing an effective, personalized, and measurable learning experience for students at every reading level. Tapping into data also supports teachers who are often feeling stretched too thin to provide students with individualized attention. When data is paired with adaptive edtech platforms, it makes teachers’ lives easier and their instruction more targeted and powerful.