Reading Plus for UK

Want to help pupils develop a lasting love of reading?

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UK’s sole provider of the award-winning reading programme, Reading Plus.

Reading Solutions UK is the home of Reading Plus – the online reading development programme that engages pupils and makes it easy to evidence impact.

Improve reading speed and fluency, increase vocabulary – and accelerate reading comprehension.

The Reading Plus Difference

Seventy percent of non-proficient students read inefficiently—they struggle to move their eyes smoothly and comfortably over lines of texts at an appropriate rate. These students are often assessed for gaps in foundational skills and comprehension, when the actual hurdle is reading inefficiency. As a result, these inefficient readers often receive instruction and practice for the wrong issue and continue to struggle. Reading Plus not only assesses efficiency, but also measures and increases motivation and comprehension. Students are given choice and control to practice at their own pace with a program that uses adaptive technology in a truly meaningful way.