How Our Reading Intervention Program Works

Reading Plus provides an integrated reading intervention program for all learners. The program includes an adaptive assessment, personalized instruction and practice, and easily accessible resources that enable teachers to meet the needs of every student.

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The Reading Plus adaptive assessment, InSight, provides a fast and effective way to determine students’ reading proficiency and ensure they are on a personalized learning path to success.

Adaptive, Personalized Learning

Reading Plus customizes instruction for every student by placing students at their just-right levels based on assessment data, and continually adapting to ongoing progress.

Teacher-Directed Instruction

Comprehensive online instruction and printable materials support direct instruction and differentiation. Integrated teaching tools include video tutorials, printable worksheets, graphic organizers, and lesson plans.

Professional Learning

When your school or district joins the Reading Plus community, you partner with our team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring you have the best possible implementation.

Content Library

Reading Plus provides an extensive library of engaging informational and literary selections that support instructional objectives through student-centered learning.