Overcome the Hidden Hurdle

Adaptive Literacy Intervention for Grades 3-12

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Animation showing inefficient reading as a blue dot moving back and forth across three lines of text.

The Reading Plus Difference

Seventy percent of non-proficient students read inefficiently—they struggle to move their eyes smoothly and comfortably over lines of texts at an appropriate rate. These students are often assessed for gaps in foundational skills and comprehension, when the actual hurdle is reading inefficiency. As a result, these inefficient readers often receive instruction and practice for the wrong issue and continue to struggle. Reading Plus not only assesses efficiency, but also measures and increases motivation and comprehension. Students are given choice and control to practice at their own pace with a program that uses adaptive technology in a truly meaningful way.

Outline of human head showing the relationship between reading efficiency, comprehension, and motivation.
Reading Plus develops reading efficiency in order to free up mental energy for comprehension, and make reading more enjoyable and rewarding.

Rapid Results in Your RTI Model

Reading Plus produces 2 ½ years of growth in just 60 hours of personalized instruction.

Pyramid illustrations showing intervention strategies for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 students

Instructional Model

Adaptive instruction is complemented by easily accessible resources that enable teachers to meet the needs of every student.

Diagram showing the Reading Plus instructional model, featuring assessment, personalized practice, adaptive instruction, and teacher-directed instruction.

Equity for All

With Reading Plus, teachers are given the tools to help ALL students master grade-level content. Each student has access to grade-appropriate texts through an experience that has the same look and feel regardless of reading level. Reading Plus provides equity for all learners.

Success Stories

The most valuable way to gain understanding of the effectiveness of Reading Plus is to see how other schools and districts have closed the gap and accelerated growth after using the program.

Actionable Data

Reading Plus features an easy-to-use educator management system that provides quick access to a complete suite of reports that show growth at the student, class, school, and district levels.

Actionable Data on the Teacher Management System

Funding Sources

We are committed to helping educators understand, identify, and navigate the complex world of education funding. Reading Plus meets federal and state guidelines for multiple funding sources, including Title I and IDEA.

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