Reading Plus


Reading Plus is eligible for Title I and many other Federal and State educational funding sources. Want more information?

Personalized, Adaptive, and Differentiated Reading Intervention for Grades 3-12

Link to a short video about the Reading Plus reading intervention program.

What Is Reading Plus?

Reading Plus is a reading intervention that integrates comprehension, vocabulary, motivation, and reading efficiency in one personalized, adaptive digital program.

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Word cloud containing student population names like middle school, high school, EL, special education, struggling, and reluctant.

Who Is Reading Plus For?

Reading Plus supports all students in grades 3 through 12. The program is proven highly effective for Tier II, Tier III, English learners, special education, and general education.

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Eye movement animation demonstrating inefficient visual-perceptual skills.

Eye movement recording demonstrating inefficient visual-perceptual skills (at just 98 wpm).

The Hidden Hurdle

Decades of research show that half of all students process text inefficiently. This is a major obstacle to their reading fluency and comprehension.

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