Reading Program for Teachers

With a robust and flexible set of tools at their fingertips and easy-to-access data-driven reports, Reading Plus allows teachers to spend less time planning and more time doing what they do best: teaching.

Support for All Students

Today’s teachers juggle many priorities, one of which being the expectation to differentiate instruction for all students. Adaptive technology is a powerful tool in making personalized learning effective, while teachers still hold the key to ensuring that all students become lifelong readers. Reading Plus provides:

  • A flexible and easy-to-implement program
  • Personalized learning for each student
  • Extensive data reporting for real-time progress updates

Actionable Data

Real-time, actionable data enables teachers to build comprehensive student profiles and assign lessons automatically. A variety of data-driven reports offer teachers a quick glance into student and class progress, giving teachers valuable insight throughout the year.

The Real-Time Activity Dashboard gives a real-time view of what students are working on now in Reading Plus by providing information on what students have accomplished in the current week or in a previous week. Real-Time Activity Dashboard
The Class Screening Report gives quick, visual results from the InSight assessment to help educators understand students’ current comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency levels, relative to grade level, and provides information about student’s instructional needs, based on their placement within one of four colored quadrants.
The Assignments Panel provides clear information regarding each student’s lesson completion, average comprehension, Combos earned, and total instructional time while alerts bring the teacher’s focus to students who need immediate attention.
The Projected Growth Report provides educators with powerful data regarding predicted end-of-year proficiency level outcomes for students. Educators can view an individual student’s projected proficiency level for the end of a school year, based on initial assessment data, program use, and continuing performance. Projections are updated in real-time as students use the program, ensuring that educators receive actionable data reflecting students’ growth.

Extensive Support at Your Fingertips

Reading Plus simplifies the instructional planning process with interactive support for every teacher, including resources, from professional development videos to printable resources and lesson tutorials to support the needs of each student, automatic recommendations for small group instruction, and access to rich student data.