Advance Your Child’s Reading Skills

Reading Plus can help your child acquire the skills needed to become a confident, capable reader and lifelong learner. Family resources and support materials are available to ensure that your child can continue to make reading gains—in school and at home.

Personalized Learning Builds Reading Achievement

Reading Plus customizes the student experience and continually adapts instruction based on your child’s activity. This tailors learning to the individual needs of each child, helping them:

  • Improve their fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and stamina
  • Build vocabulary
  • Increase motivation for reading

Support for Students and Families at Home

With a simple design that is easy for students and their caregivers to navigate and understand, Reading Plus gives families access to a student dashboard that identifies progress with clear indicators of which lessons students should complete next help them progress through the activities.

Reading Plus’s extensive library of texts lets students explore their interests while discovering new subjects that grab their attention. Students can choose from eight categories to find texts across curriculum areas that engage and motivate them.

A built-in family portal helps parents and guardians support their children at home and guide them through the program. Family members can easily see and understand their children’s assignments and progress in the program.

Your child can complete offline materials such as worksheets, graphic organizers, and writing prompts. These printable skill-building packages help develop reading comprehension in essential comprehension skills.

Reading Plus Students Share Their Stories

Hear from students how their reading experience changed and confidence grew from using the program.