Reading Classes for Extended Learning

For students needing additional academic support in afterschool or extended learning programs, Reading Plus provides personalized learning to address students’ specific reading needs while increasing their motivation to learn.

Flexible & Personalized

During the school year, Reading Plus can help accelerate students’ learning with:

  • Flexible and easy-to-implement solutions for extended learning day programs
  • Personalized online instruction and intervention
  • High-quality, engaging content that supports equity, diversity, and inclusion

How Reading Plus Can Support Your Extended Learning Initiatives

During extended learning time, Reading Plus provides the targeted online instruction and teacher support to boost students’ reading achievement.

The InSight assessment determines a data-driven starting point for the instruction and practice students need to become strong, independent readers.
Personalized online learning improves fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation, and is complemented by writing prompts and resources to meet the needs of individual students.
Reading Plus offers online instruction and printable resources for direct instruction and differentiation at the class, small group, and individual levels.

Flexible Implementation to Support In-school Tutoring Programs

With its extensive toolkit of online and printable resources, Reading Plus can be used to support a robust tutoring program led by teachers, volunteers, or paraprofessionals working one-or-one or in small groups to help close learning gaps and accelerate learning recovery.