Reading Plus Pilot

Thank you for your interest in a Reading Plus pilot for your school. By agreeing to participate in a pilot program, Reading Plus will equip your school with a school-wide license to include students in grades 3-12. The agreed-upon pilot will allow educators school-wide access to Reading Plus.

The Reading Plus Pilot Commitment

Your participating students will gain, on average, one-third to one-half year’s additional growth in reading proficiency.

During the Pilot partnership, Reading Plus will commit to:

  • Subscription license for for agreed-upon number of students and classrooms, and all necessary building administrators and specialists for pilot duration
  • Installing and maintaining hosted software required for successful use of Reading Plus
  • Implementation support and monitoring, including:
    • Implementation guidance and planning for success
    • Startup and system support
    • Teacher/administrator training and individualized coaching as needed
    • Reporting on usage and student progress
    • Dedicated customer support and communication from the Reading Plus Success Team, who will provide ongoing guidance, monitoring, and coaching to ensure your students receive the maximum benefits from our program
    • Full access to the Reading Plus educator site for instructional and professional development resources
  • Facilitating meeting at conclusion of pilot to review students progress and discuss next steps of partnership

School Commitments: What Reading Plus Asks of You

During the Pilot partnership, we ask that your school will commit to:

  • Research-proven implementation to ensure pilot success
  • Scheduling and attending initial Reading Plus implementation training
  • Administering the InSight assessment for placement as well as formative testing at the conclusion of the pilot
  • Scheduling a progress meeting 4-6 weeks from start date with school leadership
  • Providing and maintaining technology and hardware required for program fidelity in classroom
  • Tracking progress and data via the Reading Plus dashboards and reports
  • Regular communication with our dedicated Reading Plus Pilot Support Partner
  • Meeting at conclusion of pilot to review students progress and discuss next steps of partnership
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