Bring Reading Plus to Your School with DonorsChoose

Reading Plus is now available on DonorsChoose! More than 85 thousand schools have benefited from projects funded by DonorsChoose, a crowdfunding platform for educators. DonorsChoose is a nonprofit charity that helps public school teachers access essential tools for their classrooms.

In the current virtual learning environment, programs like Reading Plus are more important than ever. Reading Plus enables students to follow personalized learning paths catered to their specific strengths and skills. Reading Plus easily adapts to hybrid and virtual implementations to support students learning at home and in the classroom. The program engages students through thousands of diverse text selections to build motivation for reading.

What You Get with a Reading Plus Project

When you add Reading Plus to your DonorsChoose project, you can choose from multiple options for seat licenses and implementation periods. Every Reading Plus project includes virtual professional development training and access to high-quality customer service.


Getting Started with DonorsChoose

Eligible public school teachers and educators can create a DonorsChoose account. It’s free and easy to get started! All you need is an email address and school name.

On the DonorsChoose website, you’ll find classroom projects that were submitted by teachers around the country. Generous individuals and organizations find a classroom project that they’d like to fund and make a donation. When you create a project, it’s a good idea to make it inspiring and with enough detail to convince donors to choose your project. When a project is fully funded, DonorsChoose purchases all the requested items and ships them directly to the teacher. Learn more here.

Add Reading Plus to Your Project

With our partnership with AKJ, a publisher of books and classroom resources, it’s now incredibly easy to add Reading Plus to your classroom project! Simply follow the prompts to create your project by picking your project type, describing your students, and shopping for materials.

When shopping for materials, a popup will appear with a list of vendors in alphabetical order. Select AKJ to open up a new window displaying the AKJ catalog. From here, you can select Reading Plus.


To help fund your Reading Plus project, we’ve created exclusive packages at a discounted price to attract more donors. Create your project and add Reading Plus today!