5 Steps to Ensure Students See Themselves in Instructional Content

Randi Bender, Chief Content Officer of Reading Plus, was guest author of this article published by District Administration.

Article Excerpt:
Social justice protests this year sparked a wave of reflection and change across our nation. In education, the movement revealed the need to intensify efforts to provide students with diversity and inclusivity in books and reading programs.

It’s imperative that curriculum providers proactively incorporate a range of cultures, characters, and experiences within instruction materials. Follow this five-step plan to ensure educational content supports an anti-racist mission and addresses issues of systemic racism, injustice, inequity, and inequality.

  1. Ensure texts serve as both mirrors and windows.
  2. Find reputable sources.
  3. Rely on experts to tell the story.
  4. Ensure images support diversity.
  5. Be sensitive to language choice.