Using Data to Drive Literacy Instruction: New Features for Educators

Reading Plus

Data seems to be driving every industry nowadays—and education is no exception.

With administrators and teachers everywhere making the push to incorporate differentiated, data-driven instruction into their classrooms, the team at Reading Plus collaborated with educators to design a new management system that would offer a better, more impactful experience.

The new system includes:

  • Enhanced reporting for a 360-view of each student
  • User-friendly navigation for easy access to the data you need
  • Enriched resources for differentiated instruction
  • Guided access to instructional resources directly from the reports

… and more! Director of Education Jenny Eisenman provided an overview of these enhancements in our recent webinar, Your Reading Plus: Reports and Resources for Educators.

“We just launched a brand-new data management system with new and improved reports,” she explains in the webinar, “and we have expanded support for administrators and teachers in other exciting ways as well!”

Here are highlights from Jenny:

Enhanced Reporting and Teaching Tools for Personalized Reading Instruction and Practice


Differentiated instruction has been proven to improve academic outcomes by addressing each students’ individual learning needs; every student comes to class with different backgrounds, skill levels, and learning styles. Adapting instruction to those individual differences can help accelerate academic growth.

However, educators often spend hours trying to develop individual learning paths for each student. By incorporating Reading Plus into your student reading assessment and instructional development process, you can provide a personalized learning experience for each student.

That’s the idea behind the Reading Plus instructional model.

The program begins with an adaptive proficiency assessment that measures each student’s current comprehension, vocabulary, motivation, and silent reading efficiency. (Never heard of silent reading efficiency? Click here to learn more).

The data we collect from this assessment enables us to craft the personalized instructional path that is just right for each student—ensuring that students are continually presented with the effective classroom reading instruction they need to grow.

As students practice in the online lessons, the system tracks their progress and provides teachers with rich data and resources for additional differentiated instruction. Intelligently crafted to align with common core standards, our teaching tools—including both printable materials and writing functionality—can be used within your classroom to enrich instruction and reinforce the skills developed during the Reading Plus program.

Plus, Embedded Help and eLearning resources offer support and training whenever, wherever you need it.

Actionable Progress Data and Reports Provide a 360-Degree View of Each District, School, Class, and Student

Our new Management System, designed with administrators and teachers, provides must-have reports and resources to support the needs of every educator.

The overview dashboard allows you to immediately take a pulse on what’s happening with Reading Plus at your school. Quickly identify usage levels, reading progress, areas for improvement, and opportunities to celebrate high-performing classes from one screen.

User-friendly navigation and improved search functionality allow you to easily find data to review. Focus on the data you care about most, including:

  • Screening Report
  • Student Assessment Report
  • Use Report
  • Reading Progress Report
  • Skills Summary Report
  • Skill Support Report
  • Teaching Tools


The Expected Growth Report is one of our brand-new reports, requested by educators. It provides clear and accurate predictions about students’ end-of-year proficiency levels, based on their initial InSight assessment levels and their ongoing performance in the instructional components.

“We make it possible for educators to track student progress toward… end-of-year growth,” says Jenny in the webinar. “You can expect your intervention students to make between 2 to 3 years of growth in just 40-60 hours of online instruction over the course of an academic year.”

Rapid Results with Reading Plus: How and Why It Works

Students who use Reading Plus make significant gains because we provide them with a comprehensive literacy intervention program that impacts every component of reading proficiency, including:

  • Silent reading efficiency
  • Fluency
  • Stamina
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Motivation

“In fact, Reading Plus is the ONLY program that builds efficiency,” says Jenny. “We believe that this is really our secret sauce, so to speak—this is why Reading Plus students make such remarkable growth at such an accelerated pace.”

Silent Reading Efficiency is the Foundation for Student Motivation and Comprehension

There’s a reason we call inefficiency the “hidden hurdle” to reading proficiency: 70 percent of non-proficient students and 30 percent of proficient or even advanced students read inefficiently.

That means that these students struggle with the physical act of reading. They make an excessive number of eye-stops called fixations. They also engage in many regressions—in other words, their eyes bounce back to re-read words or parts of words. Typically, these students read slowly, at rates below the speaking range, which makes it difficult for them to hold information in their working memory.


With so much of their mental energy focused on simply taking in the words on the page, these students struggle to comprehend what they’re reading and, subsequently, lose their motivation to read at all.

And as for the 30 percent of proficient or advanced readers who struggle with inefficiency?

“These are students who probably have a lot of grit, a will to do well, and strong background knowledge,” says Jenny. “This doesn’t mean they’re set up to be lifelong readers who enjoy reading, and they probably spend much more time on homework than they should have to.”

As the only literacy intervention program that helps students first develop the foundational efficiency they need to improve comprehension and motivation, Reading Plus sets the stage for both academic success and a lifelong love of reading.

Interested in How Reading Plus Could Enhance the Literacy Intervention Initiatives in Your School or District?

“Reading Plus and the support staff of the program have made a positive contribution for our school-wide literacy growth over the past 3 years,” says Jarred Zapolnik, principal of Massillon Junior High School in Massillon, OH. “Teams of staff and students regularly use the Reading Plus data to prescribe literacy intervention and/or enrichment for ALL learners.

“Additionally, our school has used the Reading Plus data as one of the measures to plan for student growth outside of core instruction…. I cannot express how helpful the staff within Reading Plus have been to help create tiered differentiation, professional development, and support coaching sessions to ensure our school’s continual growth.”

Like Zapolnik and his team of educators at Massillon Junior High, you could use the Reading Plus program to drive fast and substantial literacy gains for struggling readers.

To learn more about the new Reading Plus Management System and how it can make a positive impact on the literacy initiatives in your school or district, we invite you to view the webinar recording or contact a dedicated member of the Reading Plus team.