Celebrating 1 Million Readers

Reading Plus

This past year Reading Plus reached 1 million students. We’re pleased—even thrilled.  

It’s an accomplishment that represents the hard work of so many people. Teachers, students, principals, administrators, parents, as well as our employees and partners. To all of you, I’d like to express my deepest thanks. This would not have happened without you.

While all the zeroes look great, it’s not the splashy 1,000,000 number that’s most impressive. It’s the small, individual choices made every day that support the number. The student who decides to read one more selection. The teacher who finds one more hour to help students master skills. The parent who shares one more moment discussing what their child learned. Those choices—your choices—are the real cause for celebration. Each choice demonstrates your belief in, and commitment to, the transformative power of reading.

That belief and commitment are why Reading Plus exists. They’re why we come to work every day. We’ve been operating for more than eight decades, working closely with researchers, educators, and students all along the way. And all along the way, we’ve seen what happens when young people discover the power of reading. They’re inspired to see and act on new possibilities for themselves and their world. Those possibilities would never be imagined without reading.

So, while the headline is about 1 million students, the celebration is about 1 million possibilities. To help celebrate, we’ve put together a short video. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your belief in and commitment to reading. And thanks, especially, for the possibilities.