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  1. How do I create a new teacher account?

    Administrators can enter new teachers manually or by using the importation process. To enter teachers manually, follow these steps:

    1. Log into your Administrator Dashboard
    2. Click the Settings link
    3. Click the Staff tab
    4. Click Add Teacher
    5. Enter:
      • First Name (required)
      • Last Name (required)
      • Username (required)
      • E-mail (required)
      • Password (required)
      • Title (optional)
    6. Click either Save & Create Another or Save

    If you are adding a single user or a small group, it is recommended to add them manually. To enter a large number of students or teachers into Reading Plus, use the import guides found in:

    Once your import files are prepared an Administrator will need to log in to and upload the file through the the Import tool available from the Site tab.

  2. How do I set up a class?

    An administrator can set up a new class by logging into the Administrator Dashboard and following these steps:

    1. Click the Classes tab
    2. Click Create Class
    3. Enter the Class Name and Click Save
    4. Now assign one or more teachers to the class.

    To assign teachers you:

    1. Click Assign
    2. Click the teacher’s name you’d like to assign

    You can assign multiple teachers to one class by clicking multiple teachers’ names.


  3. What is the difference between a Group and a Class? Why can’t I create student accounts in my Group?

    Groups in Reading Plus® are used for viewing only. They can only be used with students who are already enrolled into a Class within the program.

    Classes in Reading Plus® are used for management of students. This is where a student gets their access to the instructional components, they get their assignments from the Class, and they get awards and suspensions in their Class.

  4. How do I enter students into my school’s account?

    If you are adding a single user or a small group, consider adding them manually (see How do I enroll/unenroll students in my classes).

    To enter a large number of students into Reading Plus, use the import guides found in:

    Once your import files are prepared an Administrator will need to log in to and upload the file through the the Import tool available from the Site tab.

  5. What is a School Year Reset, and why do I have to do it?

    Resetting your Reading Plus rosters is an important first step to get ready for the new school year. A reset of your rosters triggers five important functions:

    • unenrolls all students from their current classes
    • remove all classes and groups
    • assigns InSight Benchmark 1 to all students
    • clears Actions/Messages/Suspensions
    • increases the grade level of students by one grade

    For additional information, check out What is a School Year Reset?

  6. I forgot my teacher or administrator username and password.

    The fastest and easiest way to recover your login information is to speak with your administrator, who can log into the Administrative account and retrieve the information.

    If need be you can also use our available Password Reset Tool

    If you are an administrator or you cannot reach an administrator please email our Customer Service team, Provide your name and sitecode.

    We can ONLY provide login information to the owner of any given account, so it is important to keep your contact information current within your Teacher or Administrative Dashboard.

  7. How do I administer InSight assessment as a universal screener?

    In order to screen your students you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Import all of the students in your school into your school’s Reading Plus account (see imports for instructions).
    2. Print students’ usernames and passwords using the Reports section of the program
    3. Have students visit
    4. Have students click Student Login
    5. Have students enter Sitecode
    6. Have students enter username and password
    7. Have students click Log In
    8. They will immediately be brought to the Insight Assessment for screening.
  8. How do I enroll/unenroll students in my classes?

    Teachers can enroll students who already have been entered to the site’s roster into their class. Alternatively, they can add new students manually and enroll them in the class.  To enroll a new student:

    1. Log into your Teacher Dashboard
    2. Press the Settings link
    3. Press the class in which you would like to enroll students
    4. Press Enroll/Unenroll Students link on the left
    5. Press the Enroll button
    6. Press the  name of the student you would like to enroll

    To add a student and enroll manually, follow steps 1 through 6, and then press Add Manually. Enter the student’s:

    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Student ID
    4. Grade
    5. Username
    6. Password

    Click Save & Enroll Another or Enroll

    To unenroll a student, follow the previous 6 steps and then press the Unenroll link to the right of the name of the student you wish to unenroll.

  9. If students stop in the middle of InSight or a lesson, what happens the next time they log into the program?

    Students can stop in the middle of InSight assessment or any lesson in iBalance, ReadAround or SeeReader and return to where they left off the next time that they log into Reading Plus. It is always recommended to take breaks between stories and not in the middle of a story if possible.

  10. One of my students is paused or the screen is asking for an override code. How do I un-suspend a student and what is the code?

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Log into your Teacher dash and click on the Actions section.
    2. Click on the student who has been suspended and send a message to the student letting her know she can continue her Reading Plus. The intent of this message is to inform and encourage the student.
    3. Remind the student to try her best and to read the selection carefully.

    In the case of needing an override code please log into your teacher’s dashboard and select the Help option. From there if you search for Override Code you will find the instructions as a part of administering the initial assessment or Insight. Please note that this code should remain private and should only be distributed among instructors.

  11. How do I print student usernames and passwords?

    It is very easy to do! Just follow the steps below.

    1. Log into your Teacher Dashboard
    2. Click Reports
    3. From Reports Options click Usernames & Passwords
    4. Click Print
  12. Help! None of my student’s assignments are showing up on their dashboard, or my report is not showing the assignment goals for my students!

    It is normal for this to happen during the first weeks of usage in the program. A student’s assignments will only begin to appear in the week following the student’s initial assessment. This is to make up for time spent in the assessment so students are not unfairly held accountable for lessons during the week they were being assessed.

    Additionally, many of the reports have filters which default to viewing the last completed week in the program. This means that it will not view the current week by default. Available filters can be found under the Time Frame drop down box in the reports section of the program.

  13. I’m having a problem running my 4.0 Teacher Dashboard on Internet Explorer 9.

    Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) is not supported for teacher accounts. You will need to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer or install the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.


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