Change the Way Students Read

Personalized intervention and instruction to develop silent reading proficiency and confident, lifelong readers.

Animation showing inefficient reading as a blue dot moving back and forth across three lines of text.
Animation showing inefficient reading as a blue dot moving back and forth across three lines of text.

Supporting families of Reading Plus students during hybrid and remote learning.

Success Stories

Reach Your Students Where They Are

Reading Plus complements a wide variety of hybrid and virtual implementations to support students learning at home, in the classroom, or a combination of the two. Students and educators can easily log in to Reading Plus on any compatible device with internet access, ensuring students can access their lessons at any time. Our program is proven to be effective with distance learning and helps students rapidly make up for learning loss.

Rapid Results in Your RTI/MTSS Model

Reading Plus produces 2 ½ years of growth in just 60 hours of personalized instruction.

Equity for All

With Reading Plus, teachers are given the tools to help ALL students master grade-level content. Each student has access to grade-appropriate texts through an experience that has the same look and feel regardless of reading level. Reading Plus provides equity for all learners.

Actionable Data

Reading Plus features an easy-to-use educator management system that provides quick access to a complete suite of reports that show growth at the student, class, school, and district levels.

Funding Sources

We are committed to helping educators understand, identify, and navigate the complex world of education funding. Reading Plus meets federal and state guidelines for multiple funding sources, including Title I and IDEA.

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