Reading Plus

Beyond Common

Preparing America’s students for college and career.
The new mission of the Common Core State Standards has been our mission for decades.

What it is.

The Silent Reading Solution

Silent reading is all around us. It’s how we navigate our world. To become independent, lifelong learners, students must be able to successfully transition from foundational skill development to independent silent reading. Reading Plus helps students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” by building the unseen and unheard skills that make comprehension possible and learning inevitable. LEARN MORE > RP_HOMEPAGE_PopUp_WHAT

Who it helps.

Students in Grade 3 and Up

All students can become better silent readers. No matter what their reading level may be, students’ silent reading skills will be tested time and time again in class, on assessments, and in their future academic and career settings. By helping them master these invisible skills, Reading Plus opens the gateway of possibility for students at all levels. LEARN MORE > RP_HOMEPAGE_PopUp_WHO

It helps general education, struggling, ELL, special ed, and college and career bound students.

The Right Kind of Practice

Providing students with silent reading time is not enough. Students need the right kind of practice to establish effective silent reading behaviors that make this time valuable and productive. The unique technology in Reading Plus makes a student’s silent reading behavior visible, and then improves the processes that allow students to get the most benefit from their reading experience.