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Learning Disabilities Research


Reading Plus® Significantly Raises Achievement for Students with Learning Disabilities


Across all grades, Reading Plus practice by students with Learning Disabilities (LD) was associated with highly significant (p<.001) increases in reading proficiency as measured by the reading portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test 2.0 (FCAT). Reading Plus use also resulted in more than three times as many students with LD advancing from below satisfactory to a satisfactory level or higher on the FCAT.

“These results suggest that the Reading Plus program is an effective tool for increasing reading proficiency in Students with Learning Disabilities.”

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Evaluation of an Eye-Movement Recording Technique in a Population of Autistic Children


Darrel G. Schlange, Janice E. Scharre, and Brian Caden


Optometry and Vision Science, 74, poster 27, 1997


The purpose of this study was to evaluate Taylor Associate’s Visagraph II for recording fixations and saccades in autistic children.


The study suggested that this technique has clinical value for evaluating eye-movement skills in a population of autistic children. Guidelines are provided to assist the clinician in interpreting the results and integrating them with data from other members of the interdisciplinary team.