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Comparing the Construct of “Reading Proficiency” Across Five Commonly Used Reading Assessments: Implications for Policy and Practice.


Kristin M. Gehsmann, Alexandra N. Spichtig, Jeffrey P. Pascoe, and John D. Ferrara


Literacy Research Association (2017), Tampa, Florida


This study compared assessment results from five different instruments that require differing amounts of time to administer. These five assessments were developed across multiple decades, each adhering to the philosophies and standards popular at the time they were created. Results suggest a significant overlap in reading proficiency scores across assessments regardless of the primary focus of the assessment, the time it takes to administer the assessment, or time period during which a given assessment was developed.

“Considerations (when choosing an assessment) should include the time required to administer and score the assessment, the ease with which it is administered, the format of the test, and how useful the data are when planning instruction for individual students.”

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InSight: Measuring Three Domains


InSight is a computer-adaptive assessment that measures three dimensions essential to successful independent silent reading: capacity (comprehension and vocabulary knowledge), efficiency (reading rate), and reading motivation. InSight typically requires about 30 minutes to complete. InSight results align well with the results of other common third-party assessments.

“InSight was developed to provide an assessment that is useful in the 21st century standards-based environment.”

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The Impact of Reading Plus on Reading Proficiency Growth as Measured by the Smarter Balanced (SBAC) and InSight Assessments: 2015-2016 School Year


Students who completed at least 80 Reading Plus lessons were more likely to advance from not meeting to meeting the SBAC standard than students who did not engage in Reading Plus. This brief also discusses the strong alignment between the SBAC and InSight assessments.

“Students who engaged in more Reading Plus practice achieved larger gains on both the Smarter Balanced (SBAC) and InSight assessments.”

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