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Reading Plus Significantly Raises the Reading Achievement of Adult Students

Assessment | Instruction | College and Adult

Purpose of Study

The web-based Reading Plus structured silent reading program is often used in remedial reading courses for adults. This study evaluated the effects of Reading Plus practice on the reading proficiency of adult students who used the program over a four-month period.

Study Design

The reading proficiency of a national sample of 1,226 adults was measured on two occasions approximately four months apart using the InSight reading proficiency assessment.

Key Results

A significant positive relationship was found between increasing amounts of Reading Plus practice and larger grade-level gains on the InSight assessment (p < .001).

As well, students who completed 100 or more reading practice lessons (~30 hours) increased their silent reading rates significantly (p < .001).

Proficiency Gains by Number of Lesson Completed

Study Profile

Type of Study: Impact Study

Grades: Adults

Participants: N= 1,226 Students

Implementation: Reading Plus

Measure: InSight Assessment

Publication: Reading Plus Brief

Authors: Reading Plus Research