National Research Project: Northeastern Junior College Comparison Study 2006-2007

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Summary of Findings:

The study involved college students enrolled in remedial reading courses. Students who continued for a second semester showed much greater gains on average than did those who participated in Reading Plus for one semester. A one semester gain was also seen in the 25 students who were both pre- and post-tested using the Visagraph Eye-Movement Recording System. The students improved their reading efficiency by an average of 4.6 Grade Level Equivalents in a single semester. The expected improvement over a year without specific training is 1.0 GLE. Within the Reading Plus program, the students improved their Part B, or guided slot, rate by an average of 92% while maintaining an average comprehension of 70% over an average of 43 lessons.

“Overall, the students who participated in a Reading Plus course of study showed marked improvement in all of the assessed areas. Those who participated for two semesters showed a greater improvement than those who participated for only one semester.”

National Research Project

Study Profile

Type of Study: Impact Study

Participants: N = 95

Measure: Accuplacer

Publication: Reading Plus Research Brief, 2006

Authors: Stanford E. Taylor and Victoria Tarbell