Effectiveness of an Online Computerized Eye-Movement Training Program to Improve Oculomotor Control in Adult Readers: A Pilot Study

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Summary of Findings:

The study was conducted on eight adults between the ages of 24 and 35. Five subjects in the treatment group completed ten weeks of Reading Plus and the other three were placed in a control group with no intervention. Both groups were pre- and post-tested with the Visagraph for fixations, regressions, span of recognition, duration of fixations, reading rate with comprehension, and reading comprehension.

After post-testing on the Visagraph, results indicated greater improvement on all of the measurable categories listed above for the treatment group, while the control group showed very little change.

“The objective data strongly suggested improvements in nearly all reading eye movement characteristic categories (fixations, regressions, reading rate, and reading grade level efficiency). In addition, this improvement effect was also suggested by the responses to a subjective questionnaire related to “noticeable effects” following the online training.”

Cover of the Journal of Behavioral Optometry

Study Profile

Type of Study: Pilot Study

Participants: N = 8

Measure: Visagraph

Publication: Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Vol. 15,(5), 115-121, 2004

Authors: Kim Tran, Cui Yu, Tomohito Okumura, and Hannu R.V. Laukkanen