One year later: reflecting on racial injustice, civil unrest, and our accountability

Reading Plus

Our nation experienced a significant, necessary shift in addressing racial injustice following George Floyd’s murder in May 2020. One year later, we remain resolute in our commitment to  our Black colleagues, fellow educators, and community that we will continue to combat systemic racism, to stand for truth and justice, and to advance inclusivity. 

As we reflect on the last year, it is important for the Reading Plus team to revisit our commitment to remaining accountable and inclusive—both as an employer and as a trusted literacy edtech solution for school districts. 

Last year, we doubled the Reading Plus content library to include even more engaging diverse texts, with a strong focus on the experiences of BIPOC and others who are traditionally underrepresented in instructional materials, as well as social justice topics.

In addition to taking a public stance on racial injustice, members of our executive team have conducted presentations and webinars on the importance of antiracist curriculum and culturally responsive texts. Additionally, we established our internal Content Diversity Council. Members of the council provide recommendations to the Reading Plus content team to ensure the texts in its library continue to be inclusive and representative of diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

We also formed company-wide partnerships that build on our robust hiring initiatives, creating a pipeline to directly connect with diverse talent. To further promote a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization, the formation of a D&I Committee is underway.

Reading Plus is a champion of education and literacy, and we will continue to cultivate a company and a product that support the ideals of justice for all. We remain committed to our mission of cultivating an environment that continues supporting students on their path to becoming engaged global citizens.